San Francisco Immigrant Film Festival

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Making History                     Operating since 2010, SFImFF, offers movie screenings of emerging and established filmmakers whose works explore a wide array of issues facing the global immigrant community. This festival showcase the lives of immigrants, exiles, and their pursuit of equality and social justice.

Movies & Diversity               SFImFF has shown about 80 works from more than 40 countries at places as theaters, colleges campuses, high schools, street fairs and community centers.

A global phenomenon         We have shown movies from communities such as: Senegal, Spain, Italy, Germany, Morocco, China, Philippines, Angola, Mexico, Honduras, Australia, France, Brasil, Sudan, India, USA, Peru, Iran, Poland, Haiti, Qatar, Gaza, Greece, Angola, Cuba, Hungary, Sudan, Venezuela, Nigeria, Burma, Thailand, Iraq, Kenya, Somalia, Nepal, Algeria, El Salvador, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Colombia, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Canada and Uganda.

              What They Say:                        “San Francisco Immigrant Film Festival Provides a Powerful Platform for the Immigrant Experience” - Latin Post "
…The struggles and joys of immigrant life are celebrated in an unusual short-film festival in Northern California" - Perpetual Explorer.
"SFImFF is one of the Successful Examples of the use of Film as a Tool of Cultural Diplomacy" -Academy for Cultural Diplomacy.
“A film festival dedicated to give voice to the immigrant experience” LatinaLista


5th SF Immigrant Film Festival 2014

Sit back and enjoy these 3 Short Movie Marathons that will be held on Saturday, Oct.4 at La Peña Cultural Center - Berkeley ; Sun. Oct. 5 at Mission Cultural Center, MCCLA-San Francisco and on Thursday, Oct. 9 at City College of San Francisco, Mission Campus!

Official Selection 2014:

The following works, narrative and documentary shorts, which are listed below in random order, were selected for the 2014 screenings: "Zacharie doesn't live here anymore" , Alberto Segre, France 2014; "English", Amanda Quaid, USA/Poland 2014; “I Am Emmanuel” , Genevieve Clay-Smith, Australia/Sudan 2013; "I've just had a dream", Javier Navarro Montero, Spain 2013; “Budapest: An American Quest” , Lynn Schneider, USA 2013; “Without the Ancestors/San Zanset Yo”, Jonathan DiMaio, USA/Haiti 2014; “Disappeared migrants”, Eloísa Diez, Mexico 2013; “Common places”, Delia Márquez Sánchez, Spain 2014; “An honest arrangement” , Mitch Kase, USA 2013 and “Friend/Amigo” , Arturo León Llerena, Peru/Spain 2014 (World Premiere). The Official Selection also includes “Somewhere in Gaza” directed by Hisham Madayi, Qatar 2013; “City of lights/La ville lumiere”, Pascal Tessaut, France 2013; “Namnala” , Nacho Solana, Spain 2014; “An open heart/A CŒUR OUVERT” , Ayekoro Kossou, France 2013; “New Kentucky Home”, Elijah Mckenzie, USA 2014, “Zugzwang”, Yolanda Centeno, USA 2014; “Mother, I left/Yema hana mchit”, Zeltia Outeiriño González, Spain/Morocco 2014; “Hogar, a home video”, Edgardo Antonio Jr, USA/Mex 2014; “The Chair/Der stuhl”, Daniel Martin Gómez, Spain/Germany 2013; “Vocabulary”, Sam Baixauli, Spain 2013; “Sepideh”, Fani Konstantinov, Spain 2014; “The man who fed his shadow” , Mario Garefo, Greece 2012; “Border diaries”, Irene Gutiérrez, Cuba 2012 and “Open arms, closed doors” , Fernandea Polacow & Juliana Borges, Brasil 2013. The documentary “Lonche” of Claire Weissbluth, USA, of 2013 Official Selection 2013 will be also shown during this event. Most of the works will be seen for first time in America.

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Throughout the year, SFImFF offer free screenings of films/videos at different venues related to immigrant communities. This is possible through the generous donations of community leaders like you! Support the Immigrant Film Festival now! 415-246-3171

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                                 When, Where & Time

La Peña Cultural Center - Sat, Oct 4 / Cover: $10                   Address: 3105 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley, CA 94705  

4:30 pm screening:

Budapest: An American Quest, Lynn Schneider, 28’, USA 2013, Documentary

Border Diaries, Irene Gutiérrez, 25’, Cuba 2012, Shooting places: Morocco, Spain. Documentary

City of Lights/La ville lumiere, Pascal Tessaut, 31’, France 2013, Narrative

Somewhere in Gaza, 3’, Hisham Madayi, Qatar 2013, Narrative

7:30 pm screening:

The Chair/Der stuhl, Daniel Martin Gómez, 14’, Spain/Germany 2013, Documentary

An Open Heart/A CŒUR OUVERT, Ayekoro Kossou, 16’, France 2013,

Narrative New Kentucky Home, Elijah Mckenzie, 26’ , USA 2014, Documentary

Zugzwang, Yolanda Centeno, 8’, USA 2014, Narrative

Open Arms, Closed Doors, Fernandea Polacow & Juliana Borges, 26’, Brasil 2013, Documentary  

Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts, MCCLA - Sun Oct 5 / $10 Address: 2868 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94110  

2:30 pm screening:

I've just had a dream, Javier Navarro Montero, 7’, Spain 2013, Narrative

Vocabulary, Sam Baixauli, 16’, Spain 2013, Narrative

The man who fed his shadow, Mario Garefo, 17’, Greece 2012, Narrative

Somewhere in Gaza, 3’, Hisham Madayi, Qatar 2013, Narrative

Without the Ancestors/San Zanset Yo, Jonathan DiMaio, 10’, USA/Haiti 2014, Narrative

Disappeared migrants, Eloísa Diez, 12’, Mexico 2013, Documentary

English, Amanda Quaid, 5:28, USA/Poland 2014, Narrative

4:40 pm screening:

Friend (Amigo), Arturo Leon Llerena, 6’, Peru/Spain 2014, Narrative, World Premiere

Zacharie doesn't live here anymore, Alberto Segre, 20’, France 2014, Narrative

Sepideh, Fani Konstantinov, 15’, Spain 2014, Narrative

Hogar, a home video, Edgardo Antonio Jr, 8', USA/Mex 2014, Documentary

I Am Emmanuel, Genevieve Clay-Smith, 20’, Australia/Sudan 2013, Narrative An honest arrangement, Mitch Kase, 20’, USA 2013, Narrative

City College of San Francisco, CCSF-Mission Campus/Thu, Oct 9 5:45 pm & 7 pm/Free Entrance  Address: 1125 Valencia Street, San Francisco, CA 94110                                                                  

5:45 pm screening:

Namnala, Nacho Solana, 15’, Spain 2014, Narrative

Common places, Delia Márquez Sánchez, 3’, Spain 2014, Doc

Lonche, Doc 20’, Claire Weissbluth, USA 2013

7:00 pm screening:

Mother, I left (Yema hana mchit), Zeltia Outeiriño González, 6’, Spain/Morocco 2014, Music Video

Vocabulary, Sam Baixauli, 16’, Spain 2013, Narrative

Disappeared migrants, Eloísa Diez, 12’, Mexico 2013, Documentary

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