San Francisco Immigrant Film Festival

San Francisco Immigrant
Film Festival 2016

October San Francisco,CA USA

Free or Low Fee Entrance!

This event is made possible through the generous donations of community leaders like you! Support the Immigrant Film Festival now!

Questions or comments? contact us at: 415-246-3171 415-5842885

Show a human face on the issues of immigration, and immigrant workers' rights through the exhibition of films/videos that document the lives of immigrants, and exiles, the facts that motivate people to migrate, and the problems most people face in the process to migrate to other country.

Throughout the year, SFImFF offer free screenings of films/videos at different venues related to immigrant communities.

                          ADVISORY BOARD:
Romulo Hernandez, SFImFF Founder/Director
Credense R. Newball, Mission Neighborhood Resource Center (MNRC) 
Mylka RodrĂ­guez, Latino Caucus SEIU-UHW
Dhoryan Rizo, San Francisco Day Labor Program 
Laura Guzman, Mission Neighborhood Resource Center 

We would like to thank the following organizations for their support: 

City College of San Francisco (Ocean and Mission campus)
SF Day Labor Program
Mission Neighborhood Resource Center (MNRC)
Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts (MCCLA)
Artists’ Television Access, A.T.A. Theater
SF International High School
Casa Quezada
Mission Economic Development Agency (MEDA)
Sonoma Community Center
People Organizing To Demand Environmental & Economic Rights (P.O.D.E.R.)
Nuestra Voz (Sonoma)
Sonoma Community Center
Sonoma Theatre Alliance