San Francisco Immigrant Film Festival



Migrar o Morir/Paying the Price: Migrant Workers in the Toxic Fields of Sinaloa, Doc 35', Alex Halkin. Mexico 2008. Produced by: the Chiapas Media Project/Promedios for the Tlachinollan Human Rights Organization. SF Premiere.

This film examines the lives of impoverished workers from Guerrero who migrate to Sinaloa to pick exotic Chinese vegetables for the export trade. It is a devastating portrait of hardship—from their community of origin, largely abandoned by the local and state governments, to the inhumane and slave-like working conditions of the migrant camp.






The Second Generation Filipino in US, Doc 7',54", Charina Nadura, USA 2012,  World Premiere. 

Common stories of struggles and discriminación as a second gen Filipino in US. The search and discovery of the identity was an eye opening for the filmmaker as an immigrant to this country. She shows how they value the Filipino culture, history and the motherland.


Ngutu, Doc 4’, Felipe del Olmo & Daniel Valledor, Spain 2012, Fiction,

USA Premiere. 

Ngutu is a newspaper street vendor who hardly sells any copies at all. Resentful, he starts watching the passersby closely in order to make progress in his business.


 Felix: Self-fictions of a smuggler. (Félix: Autoficciones de un traficante), Adriana Trujillo,  Doc 1 hr 15’. Mexico 2011, San Francisco Premiere.

Felix is a home-movie actor and human trafficker in Tijuana, where he runs a person smuggling network. He has managed to live, work and validate his immigration status in the United States without ceasing to transgress the border, hiring Americans to carry out the job and fooling the strict governmental controls set up by the United States. Felix has lived through the transformation of “the line” that divides these two countries and has managed to tell his story through multiple low budget films in which he reveals his actions, strategies and methods. Felix: Self-Fictions of a Smuggler exposes, for the first time, the world of human trafficking from the eyes of a smuggler an through fragments of films in which Felix acts out his life as a “coyote.” The documentary is the construction of a character who is also an actor portraying his own self.

Every time I remember, I forget  (Cada vez que me acuerdo, me olvido), 14', Laura González, Uruguay 2011, Fiction. Shooting place: Spain, San Francisco Premiere.

When Rosa, a Colombian girl, starts taking care of María, a Spanish old lady that suffers from Alzheimer, a special relationship begins. The old lady keeps going back to her childhood during the Spanish civil war and Rosa, who comes from a country at war, soon understands the old lady better than her own daughter.


Mexican Cuisine, Doc 5', Fran Guijarro, Mexico/Spain/USA 2012, SF Premiere. 

In California, the state with the largest Latino immigrant population in the country, there is a cuisine that has a deeper meaning. Mexican Cuisine, reflects the reality of Mexican immigrants working the kitchens of many restaurants in California.



Taught to Hate,  Narrative Short 27', James García Sotomayor, USA/Ecuador 2009, West Coast Premiere.

The story of an Hispanic immigrant trying to find a job in America and an American family who’s uncle’s racial intolerance has a strong effect on his nephew. Film inspired by real life hate crimes but hopes to create peace.


Three Sad Tigers,  Doc 11’, David Muñoz, Spain/United Kingdom 2010, America Premiere. 

Migration can provide hope for escaping poverty. Yet many migrants know about the other side of that hope– suffering. Leaving behind their homes and families they submit themselves to the mercy of middlemen at home and employers in distant countries. Tens of thousands become indebted and impoverished as a consequence. This film tells the story of three men from the rural village of Rajbari, Bangladesh who travelled to the Middle East.



Mimoune, Doc 11',Gonzalo Ballester, Spain 2006, USA Premiere.

 This document bring together, through a camera, a family that since long ago wish so. Shooting place: Spain & Morocco.




Undocumented Lives, Doc 10’, 34”, Connie Nam, USA 2011, Doc, World Premiere. 

A documentary about undocumented students and the struggles they face as illegal residents in the land of the free.