San Francisco Immigrant Film Festival

Official Selection 2011

One Day In Smara, 24’, Fany de la Chica, Spain 2010, Doc, USA Premier

A craft object guides us through a day in the lives of six characters in Smara and Tinduf (Sahara), a refugee camp in southern Algeria. The past, present and future of a people without land who wants his words heard around the world. Original version: Arabic.

Mimoune, 11’, Gonzalo Ballester, Spain 2006, Doc, West Coast Premiere

Illegal immigration is not only a problem for our society. Not only does the illegal immigrant suffer from social uprooting but also the most difficult part of this situation: the family division. This document was born of the desire to bring together, even if it was only through a camera, a family that since long ago wishes so. Shooting place: Spain & Morocco.


 Mothers 15 Cents A Minute (Madres 0,15 el minuto), 28’, Marina Seresesky, Spain 2011, Doc, USA Premier

Is it possible to be a mother in the distance? Is it possible to educate from a booth? Women who travel thousands of miles to give a better future to their children, tell us how they live through the reality of being mothers across a telephone or a computer, making the booth their second home and transforming their voices into their most valuable resource.



The Invisibles (Los invisibles), 24’, Marc Silver & Gael García Bernal, UK/Mexico/USA 2010, Doc

Amnesty International's latest documentary, The Invisibles, is a four-part series on the journey of Central American immigrants through Mexico to the US. Every year thousands of migrants are kidnapped, raped and sometimes murdered in Mexico. Those responsible are usually criminal gangs, or sometimes public officials, but virtually no one is held to account. Driven by grinding poverty and insecurity back home, the mainly Central American migrants travel through Mexico in hope of reaching the USA with its promise of work and a new life. But all too often their dreams are turned to nightmares.