San Francisco Immigrant Film Festival

Official Selection 2011

In The Classroom Of Promises (En el salón de las promesas), 17’, Andres Rico/Mike Abela, USA 2009, Doc, SF Premier

This is a story of a rural town in El Salvador in its struggle to provide its students with a functioning school house. The documentary shows how a schoolhouse is built through community organizing and through the help international volunteer brigades. The film also addresses the harsh reality of a country looking for the answers and solutions to social problems that have forced many to emigrate years after its civil war ended

                  BEST OF SFImFF  2010 @ THE FEST 2011

Three Sad Tigers, 11’, David Munoz, Spain/UK 2010, Doc

About 3 million Bangladeshis live in the Middle East. Labor abuses, dishonored contracts and forced returns has generated tens of thousands of broken families.

Taught To Hate, 27’, James García Sotomayor, USA/Ecuador 2009, Narrative Short

The story of an Hispanic immigrant trying to find a job in America and an American family who’s uncle’s racial intolerance has a strong effect on his nephew. The film is based in a true story.

Shopping To Belong, 30’, Irene Sosa, USA 2007, Doc

Why do Latinos shop? This documentary answers these questions in an engaging 30-minutes video that touches on issues of identity, citizenship, and the loss of homeland faced by the immigrants.

389 miles Living The Border, 56’, Luis Carlos Davis, USA 2009, Doc

It presents the raw, daily life of human beings who come from different backgrounds and ideologies when it comes to immigration. One of the few things they all have in common is the border fence, steel wall or a strands  of rusty barbed wire.




Undocumented Hope, 29.38’, Tanvir R. Toy, USA 2010, Doc

This documentary tells the story of four young individuals who migrated to USA with their parents at an early age. They grew up in America and received an education, only to eventually discover that they are living illegally in this country.


Romantic (Romántico) 1hr,20’, Mark Becker, USA 2005, Doc

This is a documentary narrated mostly with the simple words and romantic lyrics of a humble man. The crew follow several months in the surprisingly unromantic life of a 64 year old Mexican mariachi musician and singer named Carmelo. The filmmaker walk with him as he sings and plays his amazing guitar in San Francisco's restaurants, and eventually back home in his Salvatierra, Mexico, at funerals, weddings, among the prostitutes at the local bars, and at last, his daughter's Quinceañera. It is a bittersweet reunion, coming home, for his family struggles once more financially as it takes weeks to earn the money it often took only a night to earn in the US.





Al-Madina (The city), 14’, Gonzalo Ballester, Spain 2011, Doc, USA Premier

He travelled to another land, another sea, being certain that he had found a better city, but he didn’t know that his city was travelling with him. Shooting place: Spain & Morocco.

Defender (Defensora), 29’, Aitor de Miguel, Spain & Colombia 2011, Doc

Berenice Celeyta has received numerous death threats. She is Colombian and a Human Rights Advocates. The longest social armed conflict continues to wage on in her country. Nonetheless, she never gives up hope.


7 Suns (7 Soles), 1 hr,17’, Pedro Ultreras, Mexico 2009, Fiction, SF Premier

This is a movie that will allow the world to visualize the cruel tragedy that many undocumented immigrants suffer in the Arizona desert everyday. Beaten, tortured, robbed, kidnapped, raped, murdered. The scenes are based on real testimonies from those that have survived the journey across the devils highway.